Great Night Out & No Corkage Fee

Article by John Rudy

I don’t know about you, but I like a good meal with a great bottle of wine or champagne. However, I don’t want to break the bank by choosing an overpriced bottle of wine. 

When eating at a restaurant, the average industry markup on wine is two and a half to three times its wholesale cost. Ouch! Solution: I call the restaurant and make sure it is okay to bring my own bottle(s) of wine.

Most restaurants charge a corkage fee. A corkage fee is a charge made by a restaurant for storing or serving wine that has been brought in by a customer. Long Beach used to have a sizable list of restaurants that didn’t charge a corkage fee. Since the pandemic started, more and more restaurants have added or increased their corkage fee. 

Here are several of my favorite Long Beach restaurants that don’t have a corkage fee as of January 6, 2022. I encourage you to visit these fabulous restaurants . . . and bring a bottle of wine!

  1. 555 East Steakhouse

(562) 437-0626

Corkage Fee: $0 on first 12 bottles

  1. Saint & Second

(562) 433-4828

Corkage Fee: $0 on first bottle, then $15

  1. Simmzy’s

(562) 439-5590

Corkage Fee: $0 – no corkage fee

  1. Roe Seafood

(562) 546-7110

$0 corkage on Wednesdays only (Wine Wednesday): Nevea

My advice is to call ahead to determine if you can bring your own wine and how much the restaurant charges for their corkage fee. Sometimes there are additional rules, such as not being allowed to bring a wine currently on the restaurant’s wine list.

Bringing your own wine ensures you will save money while drinking a wine you are sure to enjoy. As always, be sure to tip well!

If you have questions about wine or corkage fees, feel free to email me at