Hot Tips Fall. 2023

1) Shopping Time is here:
Think small boutique shops such as:
The Mercantile located at 15802 Springdale Street in
Huntington Beach. Open from 10am to 5pm Monday
thru Friday…find classy gifts at fair prices!
Vindustrial located at 10621 Los Alamitos Blvd. in
Los Alamitos…another place for affordable unique
Main St. in Seal Beach has several Antique Shops
worth the effort!
2) Looking for a great Massage…Call John at 562-
493-5600. Make a great gift as well!
3) Milana’s Pizza located at 2000 Ximeno is
excellent…opens at 11 daily! Call 562-498-
4) Shenandoah at The Arbors located at 10631
Los Alamitos Blvd. in Los Al is a fantastic
lunch spot. No reservations required! Opens at
5) Live Well !!!
6) Sprung is a TV series that is
hysterical. Watch it on Netflix then
Free Vee. Laugh you butt off!
7) Naples Rib Company located just a
half mile away at 5800 E. 2nd St. has a
great Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini.
Happy Hour at 4. Baby Back Basket
of course…
8) Thank You to all who participated in
the Survey on Management! I hope…I
hope…I hope we keep our current
team! They care about us!!!
Enjoy Every Day as if it is your last!
Hot Lips