Hot Tips from Hot Lips – March 2020

  1. A shout out is in order for one of our neighbors…Denise Lund for putting in long hours to help feed our neighborhood. Denise has worked tirelessly to supply our Neighborhood with great food. Go online to order and check out the bulletin board for details. I admire your work ethic Denise!
  1. Trader Joe’s has the best turkey meat for making meatballs and meatloaf. With a little seasoning it resembles beef.
  1. Sequestered is a word I have come to dislike…very much!
  1. Who knew that a fancy mask would become more valuable than a diamond…not to mention toilet paper.
  1. Time enough to learn new recipe’s and so I am baking bread for the first time.  Oh No…Carbs…To Hell with the diet…gotta have some fun.
  1. I enjoy a glass of Wine each evening for the health benefits. The other glasses are for giggles ?

Life Is Short…Be Good To Yourself!


Hot Lips

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